Jackson Heights

A new kitchen and bathroom, refinished floors and bright paint, turned this untouched-for-decades diamond in the rough into a sparkling jewel.

Central Park West

Though the owner of this two-bedroom classic six on Central Park West chose to do a design refresh rather than a gut renovation, skilled contractor crews still needed to do the work.

King Street

A 400-square-foot 2-story cottage hidden behind a Greenwich Village rowhouse starts out with a pullman kitchen and a bland white palette and ends up with a open-plan chef’s kitchen and a vibrant and colorful interior design.

Perry Street

A studio apartment goes from rundown and smoke-stained to bright and modern with an updated kitchen, refinished floors, and renovated walls and ceiling.

Bank Street

brick wall repair with concrete block and stucco

A dangerous collapse of 1820s bricks requires removing an entire exterior wall and rebuilding it with concrete block and stucco.